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Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History has been written to introduce you to dinosaurs, amazing creatures that lived millions of years before there were humans. Along with acquainting you with these magnificent beasts, reading this book will give you insights into natural history, evolution, and the ways that scientists study Earth history.

What were dinosaurs like? Did they travel in herds? What were the horns for? Did the mothers take care of their babies? Was T. rex really the most fearsome carnivore of all time? Were they covered with feathers? How fast could brontosaurus run? Why did dinosaurs get so big? Along with getting answers to these and many other questions, you'll also meet legendary and charismatic dinosaur hunters (including the models for Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park's Dr Alan Grant) whose expeditions have helped to reveal the dinosaurs' stories from fossils and other fragmental clues left behind in the rocks. Dinosaurs will help you think like a scientist, while your knowledge of dinosaurs, natural history, and science grows with each chapter you read.

The book is written by authors that are active dinosaur researchers, with between them more than 45 years of experience teaching. It is illustrated by John Sibbick, one of the world's most famous dinosaur illustrators.

David Fastovsky is Professor of Geosciences at the University of Rhode Island. His interest in dinosaurs started as a child when he read about Roy Chapman Andrews in the Gobi Desert (a story that, naturally enough, graces the pages of the book you are holding). Dinosaurs won out years later when he chose paleontology over a career in music. Fastovsky has had many of his own adventures in far-flung parts of the world, including Argentina, Mexico, the western USA and Canada, and Mongolia. He is known as a dynamic teacher as well as a respected researcher with a focus on the extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as the environments in which they roamed. He has made several television documentary appearances, and was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award by the Geological Society of America in 2006.

David B. Weishampel is Professor in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. Recipient of two teaching awards, Weishampel teaches human anatomy, evolutionary biology, cladistics and, of course, a course on dinosaurs. His research focuses on dinosaur evolution and how dinosaurs function, and he is particularly interested in herbivorous dinosaurs and the dinosaur record of eastern Europe and Mongolia. He is the senior editor of the immensely well-received The Dinosauria, and has written or co-written four books and many scholarly articles. Weishampel has contributed to a number of popular publications as well, including acting as consultant to Michael Crichton in the writing of The Lost World.

John Sibbick has over 25 years of illustration experience working on subjects ranging from mythology to natural history and is probably best known for his depictions of prehistoric scenes and dinosaurs. In the first stage of any commission he takes the fossil evidence and consults with specialists in their field and works out a number of sketches to build up an overall picture of structure, surface detail, and behavior. From his base in England he has provided images for books, popular magazines such as the National Geographic, and television documentaries, as well as museum exhibits and one-man shows of original artwork. For this book he has provided 223 pieces of original art.

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