What killed the dinosaurs?

Some 65 million years ago, a catastrophic event occurred that wiped out more than half of all life on Earth, including the dinosaurs. Most experts believe this mass extinction was caused by an enormous asteroid crashing into the Earth. So much dust was blasted into the atmosphere that day became night for months on end and the temperatures plummeted. Close to the impact site the landscape was devastated, and dying dinosaurs would have stumbled around looking in vain for food and shelter.

Triceratops was one of the last survivors

What is an asteroid?

An asteroid is a rocky object— smaller than a planet—that orbits the Sun. Every so often, their orbits bring some asteroids crashing into the Earth's surface. Although most are too small to cause long-term damage, the massive asteroid that probably caused the Cretaceous mass extinction made a crater 112 miles (180 km) wide.

Asteroid impact

Asteroid impact

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