Dinosaur Small Arms

Two-fingered hand with sharp claws

Was T. rex a scavenger

Two-fingered hand with sharp claws

Could tiny arms grapple with prey?

| A All tyrannosaurs had small arms but T. rex's were the tiniest for its size. For many years their purpose puzzled paleontologists. However, recent research suggests the arms were handy for hunting. The heavy arm bones, strong muscles, and limited range of movement would have made the arms the right tools for holding struggling prey.

With a reputation as the "king of the killers," Tyrannosaurus rex was the size of a house, as heavy as an elephant, and had teeth as long and sharp as carving knives.Yet some paleontologists have argued that this fearsome dinosaur was actually a scavenger, feasting only on animals that were already dead. Some of the dinosaur's features appear to be designed for hunting, others for scavenging. The most likely answer is that T. rex was both, killing live prey but also feeding on animal remains whenever it found them.

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