The Second Hurdle

Looking back at the evidence described in this and earlier chapters, we can see that the predictions of the impact half of the Alvarez theory hold up well. To cap it off, geologists have located the impact crater. Further, not only do ammonites, plants, and forams offer corroborative evidence that impact led to extinction, so do the dinosaurs. Keeping in mind'that theories are not proven, only disproven, I believe that it is fair to say that the core of the Alvarez theory—that impact occurred and that it caused the great K-T mass extinction—has been corroborated. It has met many tests and failed none.

Charles Officer and Jake Page do not agree. On the contrary, in their 1996 book, they write that the theory has "collapsed under the weight of accumulated geologic and other evidence."67 In the final chapter of The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy, they cite the Alvarez theory as an example of "degenerative science," comparable in its failure to Marxism. By misleading us into searching the heavens for incoming meteorites, the authors claim, when instead we should be solving current environmental problems right here on earth, the theory is downright dangerous. But other geologists have moved in the opposite direction: They are fascinated by the possibility that the Chicxulub impact was not the only one to cause a mass extinction.

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