Second Edition

This new edition of The Euolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs is a unique, comprehensive treatment of a fascinating group of organisms. It is a detailed survey of dinosaur origins, their diversity, and their eventual extinction.

The book is written as a series of readable, entertaining essays covering important and timely topics in dinosaur paleontology and natural history. It will appeal to non-specialists and all dinosaur enthusiasts, treating subjects as diverse as birds as "living dinosaurs," the new feathered dinosaurs from China, and "warm-bloodedness." Along the way, the reader learns about dinosaur functional morphology, physiology, and systematics using cladistic methodology - in short, how professional paleontologists and dinosaur experts go about their work, and why they find it so rewarding.

The book is spectacularly illustrated by John sibbick, a world-famous illustrator of dinosaurs, with pictures commissioned exclusively for this book.

DAVID E. FASTOVSKY is on the Geosciences Faculty of the University of Rhode island. He received his Ph.D. in sedimentary geology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after studying biology at Reed College and paleontology at the university of California-Berkeley. He specializes in vertebrate paleontology and vertebrate-bearing terrestrial paleoenvironments, and is the author of numerous scientific publications mainly concerned with the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs, and the ancient environments in which they lived. He has undertaken extensive fieldwork in North America, Mexico, and Mongolia.

DAVID B. WEISHAMPEL is professor in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at The Johns Hopkins University. He conducts research on the functional morphology, systematics, and evolutionary dynamics of herbivorous dinosaurs, as well as the life history strategies, growth and development, and other evolutionary issues pertainingtothe Late Cretaceous dinosaur record of Europe. He is the author of numerous scientific publications on dinosaur evolution, and is senior editor of The D ¡nosauria, the first comprehensive scholarly work on these Mesozoic creatures. He has undertaken fieldwork in North America, eastern Europe, and Mongolia.

JOHN SIBBICK has been creating illustrations of extinct lifeforms and their environments for more than 20 years, producing numerous books on dinosaurs, as well as pterosaurs, Permian extinction, evolution of coral reefs and human evolution, and general books on prehistoric life. His work has appeared in scientific papers and journals, popular magazines such as the National Geographic, and in television documentaries. Museums where his work can be seen include the Dinosaur Gallery atthe Natural History Museum, London, and "Beginnings" in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, and a special Burgess shale exhibit atthe Gamagori Museum of Natural History, Gamagori, japan.

The cover shows, in one image, the metamorphosis from fragile traces in stone to the living dinosaur. Originally buried alive in sand, protoceratops escapes into the Gobi desert. (Artwork byjohn sibbick.)



Cover designed byHartMcLeod.

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