Figure 10.20. Cladogram of basal Iguanodontia. Derived characters include: at I premaxilla with a transversely expanded and edentulous margin, reduction of the antorbital opening, denticulate margin of the predentary, deep dentary ramus; loss of sternal rib ossification, loss of a phalanx in digit III of the hand, compressed and blade-shaped prepubic process; at 2 strong offset of premaxilla margin relative to the maxilla, peg-in-socket articulation between maxilla and jugal, development of a pronounced diastema between the beak and mesial dentition, mammillations on marginal denticles of teeth, maxillary crowns narrower and more lanceolate than dentary crowns, closely appressed metacarpals ll-IV, deep triangular fourth trochanter deep extensor groove on femur

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