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Survival MD By Dr. Scurtu

The Survival MD guidebook was developed by Robert Gray, who spent more than three months traveling around the world and learning the simplistic forms people have to cure diseases without medical equipment, mainly in third world countries, and the secrets they have to face dire conditions. Most of his travelling time was spent in third world countries where survival is an everyday reality. He learned to find natural healings provided by nature without relying on any drugs or chemicals. The program covers 206 page of detailed information, including 73 page report on how to survive in 10 different survival scenarios, regular e-mails and newsletters containing content from top survival experts, and a bonus lifetime membership to the Survivopedia community. This survival guide is intended for all people regardless of age or socioeconomic status. The concepts included within the novel can help people ranging from a just-employed college graduate to a busy couple of parents. Thats the greatest thing about this e-book: the concepts are extremely simple and adaptable, so even if caught off guard, one would be equipped with basic medical knowledge to care for themselves or their loved ones regardless of the scenario. Continue reading...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Robert Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu
Official Website: www.survivalmd.org
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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Spec Ops Bushcrafting

Fundamentally the guide is worked around 8 survival mainstays of wild basic instincts that are instructed to the Special Forces. When you purchase this guide, there are a million survival tips and abilities that you will gain from it. The guide investigates the whole condition encompassing the US Special Forces including every last ability that keeps them alive out there in the wild. The guide will shower you with learning on wet climate fire making method that the wilderness corps use out there to keep themselves warm amid the wet climate. You don't need survival tips since you are resistant to risks. Spec Ops Bushcrafting is fundamentally a viable survival manual that tells you the various surviving abilities that keep you protected and secure. The purpose of this guide is on account of his life has been a secret and it's anything but a wonder he survived all that. You will learn of the correct calorie allow that is basic for survival. You will take in every one of the measures, looked into tips and abilities that will cover you with powerful measures to keep yourself secure and protected. You will learn tricks and tips that are useful and not a spam. Continue reading...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Bob
Official Website: www.specopsbushcrafting.com
Price: $39.00

The Amazing Stockpiling Challenge

The amazing Stockpiling Challenge refers to a revolutionary meant to safe-keep you and your household members for about a year with a rich supply of necessities such as nutritious food, clean drinking water, a self-defense gear, and clothes among other emergency supplies. No one knows when disaster will strike. This guide will help you learn how to build a stockpile of food to survive in disastrous moments. It is a creation of Dan F Sullivan, a proficient survival tactician. The creation of the product followed a very comprehensive research and therefore you can give it all your trust. The guide comes in form of a PDF that downloadable once you have an internet connection. The best thing about the Amazing Stockpiling Challenge is that the stockpile is designed much earlier before the onset of a crisis. Evidently, the prices of basic commodities often skyrocket calamitous periods and therefore this structure will help you save hundreds of dollars by shielding from the market problems such as inflated prices. The product has been positively reviewed by individuals who have already given it a try. No one knows when disaster will strike. Start planning yourself now by purchasing this product Continue reading...

The Amazing Stockpiling Challenge Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Dan Sullivan
Official Website: www.buginforever.com
Price: $39.00

The Last Man Standing

Have you ever been caught up in a fight or flight situation? Like most of us, you must have been since the times are tough and the world is crazy. Even if you haven't you'll need The Last Man Standing because anything can happen any second. An Ebook that contains 3 primary survival tactics, The Last Man Standing could be your chance of getting through the misery protected and triumphant. The fact is it has been developed for that very purpose. The book has simplified ample survival knowledge and has summed it up to three basic things: Specialized knowledge, Creative thinking, and The ability to push pass stress, fear or pain. This is not all, however. There are certain additional secrets in the book that buttress the whole course. Those secrets are ancient in their nature but the author has managed to mold them for the 21st century. The fact that the course is developed by a former special forces soldier and international trainer, Tom Anderson. He has worked with soldiers across North America and Europe to prep them up for guerilla warfare in hostile countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc. Bonuses include DIY Survival 71 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life, Invincible Wilderness Survival: A Detailed Field Guide To Bushcrafting, and The Suburban Stronghold: A Complete Blueprint For An Impenetrable Homestead. Continue reading...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Tom Anderson
Official Website: www.youaretheweapon.com
Price: $39.00

Takeover Survival Plan

Takeover Survival Plan is a step by step guide designed to help you make all the necessary arrangements as well as taking all the safety measures to keep ready for any disaster. It is a product of James Wright, an experienced survival tactician. The program is dived into a total of 5 modules, all important in the same degree. Each of the modules addresses a critical survival skill that will help you have an easier life when disaster strikes. It is indisputable that we live in turbulent times, where both the global and the local economy are quite dynamic. In this light, it is essential to get prepared for the inevitable. The Takeover Survival Plan is a legit program and has received a lot of commendations over time. Since there is a 60-day warranty, you have an opportunity to test the product and decide whether or not it is worth your dollars. If it does not meet your valuation, you will be at liberty to claim a refund. Be sure you will get in full without any question. We are all uncertain about the future. May you live prepared by subscribing to this program. Continue reading...

Takeover Survival Plan Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: James Wright
Official Website: www.takeoverusa.com
Price: $50.00

Selected readings

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Animal Evolution And Extinction

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Troddon formosus was a predatory dinosaur with good grasping arms and hands and a mouth full of coarsely serrated teeth

Fun to perform but whose results are impossible to verify. Yet as I gazed into the oversize eye sockets of the Troddon birdlike skull, trying to imagine the long, slender snout receding and the low forehead growing wider, I found myself wondering what exactly the world would look like today if some of the events that shaped the natural history of dinosaurs had taken a slightly different turn. In my opinion, the extinction of Maiasaura, Hypacrosaurus, and their kin was neither as neat nor as unavoidable as the doomsday meteor theory would have us believe. Like all organisms, dinosaurs were subjected to a complex and dynamic array of forces, and though the forces are now largely understandable in and of themselves, their consequences, being dependent on untold numbers of contingencies, were not always or even mostly inevitable. Something as unimportant, seemingly, as a small shift in the climate producing fewer droughts along the upland coastal plains, for example could have profoundly...

Dinosaurs all wrong for mass extinctions

Finally, within the sediments themselves, problems of correlation exist. Suppose that, in Montana, we record the last (highest level) dinosaur in the Jordan area and then record the last (highest) dinosaur in the Glendive area, about 150 km away from Jordan. Can these two dinosaurs be said to have died at the same time How could one possibly know Suppose that in fact these dinosaurs died 200 years apart. An interval of 200 years, viewed from a vantage point of 65 million years is literally a snap of the fingers. Yet 200 years is a long time when one is considering an instantaneous global catastrophe that ideally is measured in milliseconds.

Prehistoric Life 2016 Dinosaur Extinction

If we accept Raup's conclusion that species living over a wide area can be killed off only by stresses with which they are unfamiliar, and that those stresses must occur too rapidly for migration or adaptation, it follows that rare, sudden, and global catastrophes must also exist otherwise there is no way to explain the several mass extinctions that mark the geologic record. This is worth repeating To accept that global mass extinctions have occurred is also to accept that global catastrophes have occurred, a conclusion that is the antithesis of strict uniformitarianism.


At the end of the Carnian, a major crisis developed in terrestrial ecosystems. Most of the accessible prey species such as rhynchosaurs, large trilophosaurs, and dicynodonts became extinct in response to over-predation. Both thecodonts and theropods contributed heavily to the decline and extinction of these groups. The food chain became unbalanced, and prey-switching became inevitable. Competition for food may have become more intense among large predators.

The Expedition

Initially, we considered turning around and trying to outflank the storm, but a semi truck soon pulled up behind us, and the driver told us that the road we had come on was now washed out behind us. For the moment we were trapped we had no other option but to wait until the torrent ahead of us, which turned out to be over two feet deep, receded. It seemed rather ironic to us that, 80 million years after floods had wreaked havoc on the sauropods' nesting ground at Auca Mahuevo, our own expedition had, at least temporarily, fallen prey to the same natural hazard on the parched desert landscape of modern Patagonia.

Terrestrial record

Patterns of survivorship at the K T boundary as reconstructed by J. D. Archibald. The study suggests that aquatic habitat, ectothermy, small size, and the absence of an amnion were qualities that statistically facilitated survival across the K T boundary. Of these, aquatic habitat may have been the most important in a separate publication, D. E. Fastovsky and P. M. Sheehan reconstructed the aquatic and land-dwelling survivorship pattern as even more extreme than that proposed by Archibald, with land-dwelling organisms showing only a 12 survivorship, but aquatic organisms showing 90 survivorship. (Data from Archibald, J. D. 1996. Dinosaur Extinction and the End of an Era. Columbia University Press, New York, 237pp. Sheehan, P. M. and Fastovsky, D. E. 1992. Major extinctions of land-dwelling vertebrates at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, eastern Montana. Geology, 20, 556-560 Archibald, J. D. and Bryant, L. 1990. Differential Cretaceous-Tertiary extinctions of non-marine...

Survival Treasure

Survival Treasure

This is a collection of 3 guides all about survival. Within this collection you find the following titles: Outdoor Survival Skills, Survival Basics and The Wilderness Survival Guide.

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