Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Chiappe, Luis M.

Walking on eggs: the astonishing discovery of thousands of dinosaur eggs in the badlands of Patagonia / Luis M. Chiappe and Lowell Dingus, p. cm. Includes index

1. Dinosaurs —Eggs —Argentina —Nequen (Province) 2. Fossils —Argentina—Nequen (Province) 3. Chiappe, Luis M. 4. Dingus, Lowell. I. Dingus, Lowell. II. Title. QE861.6.E35C48 2001 567.9'098272—dc21 2001020280 ISBN 0-7432-1211-8

Owing to limitations of space, illustration credits appear on page 219.

To all the members of our team, who share with us the thrill for exploration that made this investigation possible

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