Time lines

Dinosaurs lived through three periods in the Earth's history - Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Different species of dinosaur lived and died throughout these three periods. Each species may have survived for only

Species Dinosaurs

Types of dinosaur

Dinosaur designs were varied and spectacular. A group of dinosaurs called the sauropods were the largest land animals that ever lived. The smallest dinosaurs were dog-sized. Large or small, all would have been wary of hungry meat eaters. Some dinosaurs had armored skin for protection.

Others were fast runners and could escape predators by fleeing to safer ground.

Dinosaur terror Tyrannosaurus rex and other fierce meat eaters had huge, sharp teeth with which they killed prey.

Herbivores There were many more herbivores (plant eaters) than carnivores (meat eaters) in the dinosaur world. A herbivore called Stegosaurus had a sharp beak for cropping leaves off plants.

Barosaurus' tail was about 43 ft (13 m) long.

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