One of the biggest

Heavier than eight elephants and more than 80 ft (24 m) long, Barosaurus, a sauropod, was one of the biggest dinosaurs.

Barosaurus' tail was about 43 ft (13 m) long.

The Biggest Dinosaurs
See the size of Compsognathus compared to Barosaurus at the bottom of page 12.
How Did The Compsognathus Survive

One of the smallest Fully grown when only 3 ft (1m) long, Compsognathus a carnivore, was one of the smallest dinosaurs.

• There were about thirty times more herbivores than carnivores.

• The fastest dinosaurs were the theropods, which ran on two legs.

• Dinosaurs did not fly or live in the sea.

• The sauropods were the largest dinosaurs.

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