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• Some dinosaurs may have lived for 200 years.

• Tyrannosaurus rex is the largest land-living carnivore we know of.

• The largest dinosaur eggs probably belonged to the sauropod Hypselosaurus.

• Dinosaur embryos have been found fossilized in their eggs.

Prehistoric Carnivores Anatomy

Fast food Dromaeosaurus had features common to many carnivores. It was fast, agile, and armed with sharp teeth and claws. Dromaeosaurus may have hunted in packs, chasing and bringing down , much larger animals.


Long, slender legs

Slashing talon flicked forward

Long, slender legs

Slashing talon flicked forward

Dinosaur Anatomy


From the side, Baryonyx's skull appears crocodile shaped. Baryonyx may have used its long and narrow snout for catching fish.

Terrible teeth The teeth of carnivorous dinosaurs j were sharp with serrated (sawlike) edges for cutting through flesh and bones.

Cutting claw Like Dromaeosaurus, Deinonychus had a lethal weapon - a 6-in-long (15 cm) curved claw on each hind foot. When Deinonychus caught prey, it flicked the claw forward to cut deep into its victim.

Lower jaw of albertosaurus

Lower jaw of albertosaurus

Meaty diet

Tyrannosaurus rex was perhaps the fiercest carnivore. with its powerful body and massive head, it overwhelmed victims, delivering a fatal, biting blow with its deadly jaws.

Dinosaur Hipbone

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