These razor-toothed carnivores were very agile and had large brains and huge eyes with stereoscopic vision. They were among the most terrifying of all dinosaurs. A large sickle-shaped talon on their inner toes could rotate through 180°, slicing into their prey's tough hide.

Sharp teeth

Sharp teeth

Dromaeosaurus skull The skull of Dromaeosaurus shows that it had sharp teeth, large, forward-pointing eyes for judging distance, and a large brain that suggests that it was intelligent.

Dromaeosaurid facts

Some of the Deinonychus pack might die during an attack.

• The name dromaeosaurid means "swift reptile.''

• They are thought to be among the most intelligent and agile of the dinosaurs.

• They lived in the cretaceous period.

Some of the Deinonychus pack might die during an attack.

Pack hunting

Deinonychus hunted in packs, bringing down prey with their sharp-clawed hands and slashing talons. A combined attack meant that they could kill prey much larger than themselves, such as the herbivore Tenontosaurus.

Deinonychus The limbs and hands of Deinonychus were long and powerful and the skeleton was lightweight. This meant that Deinonychus could run fast and leap up to grip onto its prey. The tail was held rigid by a line of bony rods along the tail vertebrae.

Jaws could open wide

Jaws could open wide

Dromaeosaurid Anatomy
Velociraptor could run at speeds of over 20 mph (35 km/h).

Velociraptor The fearsome Velociraptor had all the most dangerous features of the dromaeosaurids. It could mutilate prey by cutting 3-ft-long (1 m) gashes with each swipe of its claws.

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