Dinosaurs today

The remains of dinosaurs have been discovered on every continent, and new dinosaur fossils are constantly being discovered. They may be found by scientists on expeditions, by amateur fossil hunters, or by accident in places like building sites and underground mines. This map of the modern world shows the locations of the major dinosaur finds.

North america Expeditions are always being organized to search for dinosaurs in North America, since rocks from the dinosaur age are exposed over vast areas. The dinosaurs discovered here include:

• Allosaurus • Corythosaurus

• Triceratops • Stegosaurus

• Deinonychus • Apatosaurus

• Camarasaurus • Coelophysis

• Parasaurolophus

Antarctica The climate in Antarctica was much warmer in the dinosaur age than it is today. The bones of several small cretaceous period dinosaurs have been found here, including a relative of the small ornithopod Hypsilophodon.

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