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Dinosaurs Anatomy Triceratops

Triceratops skull

Triceratops skull

Stegosaurus dorling kindersley



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Introduction to dinosaurs 8

What are dinosaurs? 10 Discovering dinosaurs 16 Dinosaur world 22 Dinosaur anatomy 32 Dinosaur lifestyles 46 The first dinosaurs 56 Dinosaur extinction 58


About saurischians 62 Theropods 64 Carnosaurs 66 Ornithomimosaurs 72 Oviraptosaurs 74 Troodontids 76 Dromaeosaurids 78

Other theropods 80 Dinosaurs and birds 82 Sauropodomorphs 84 Prosauropods 86 Sauropods 88

Ornithischian dinosaurs 92

About ornithischians 94 Stegosaurs 96 Ankylosaurs 100 Ornithopods 104 Iguanodonts 106 Hadrosaurs 108 Pachycephalosaurs 114 Ceratopsians 116

Reptiles of the sea and air 122

About sea and air reptiles 124 Reptiles at sea 126 Reptiles in the air 130

Dinosaur facts 134

Early discoveries 136 The dinosaur hunters 138

The world of the dinosaurs 140 Meat-eaters 142 Plant-eaters 144 Armored dinosaurs 146 Zoogeography 148

Dinosaur preservation 150 More dinosaur peers 154

Trace fossils 156 Dinosaur lifestyles 158 Dinosaur controversies 160 Fantasy and fiction 162 Dinosaur records 164 Dinosaur miscellany 166

Reference section 168

Dinosaur discoverers 170 Reptiles classified 174 Dinosaurs classified 176 Records and myths 178 Digging up dinosaurs 180

Resources 182 Pronunciation guide 184 Glossary 186 Index 188

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