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The Lower Cambrian trilobite Dolerolenus zoppii from southwestern Sardinia. Length of specimen approximately 3.5 cm. (Photograph courtesy Gian Luigi Pillola)


The late Precambrian bedding-plane trace fossil Harlaniella podolica from the Chapel Island Formation, Fortune Head, Newfoundland. Scale bar is in millimeters. (Photograph courtesy Guy M. Narbonne)

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McMenamin, Mark A.

The emergence of animals : the Cambrian breakthrough / Mark A. S. McMenamin and Dianna L. Schulte McMenamin. p. cm. Bibliography: p. Includes index.

ISBN 0-231 -06646-5. — ISBN 0-231-06647-3 (pbk.) 1. Paleontology—Precambrian. 2. Paleontology—Cambrian. 3. Evolution. I. McMenamin, Dianna L. Schulte. II. Title. QE724.M36 1989 560'.171 — dc20 89-35459 in1

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Ann Marie McMenamin Milton fames McMenamin

Constance Marie Schulte Anthony Carl Schulte (1936-1987)

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