Sirenisaurus Macrolophus Song Hunter

Sirenisaurus macrolophus

Huge Animal

Hit Dice:

16d10+64 (152 hp)


+1 (Dex)


50 ft.


14 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural)


Bite +16 melee, claws +5 melee


Bite 3d8+6, claws 1d8


10 ft. by 10 ft./10 ft.

Special Attacks:

Improved grab, swallow whole

Special Qualities:

Mimicry of hadrosaurs (duckbills)


Fort +13, Ref +13, Will +8


Str 22, Dex 13, Con 18,

Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 15


Hide +8, Listen +12, Spot +10


Warm forest, hills, desert, plains,

and marsh


Solitary or family (1-2 adults, 1-2 young)

Challenge Rating: Treasure: Alignment: Advancement:


Neutral Evil

17-32 HD (Gargantuan)

Sirenisaurus macrolophus, the "big-crested siren lizard," gets its name from two prominent characteristics. The big crest is a weirdly-shaped hollow head crest, which it can use to imitate the calls of any type of duckbilled dinosaur dwelling in Storm Valley, while the "siren" part comes from the use it makes of this feature: to draw unwary duckbills to their doom.

This huge carnosaur is a specialized hunter and slayer of hadrosaurs, or duckbills, which are among the most numerous of the large herbivorous dinosaurs. The hollow head crest is filled with separate chambers, all of which can be sealed off at will via flaps of muscle. Using them, Sirenisaurus can not only imitate the calls of any duckbill, but it can even make itself sound at will like male or female, old or young, or even an injured animal. It can even differentiate between mating calls and bugles of alarm, as well as calls for help.

According to the accounts of those parties which have taken "normal" duckbill mounts from the Main Valley into Storm Valley, Sirenisaurus can even imitate their calls, though whether this is due to learning and mimicry after hearing them or some ingrained instinct is, as yet, unknown.

or smaller opponent with a successful bite attack may grab it. It may then attempt to swallow it whole.

Swallow Whole (Ex): A sirenisaur can swallow a Medium-size or smaller victim with a successful grapple check. Swallowed creatures take 2d8+8 points of crushing damage plus 8 points of acid damage per round. A swallowed creature may cut itself out by using Small or Tiny slashing weapons to deal 25 points of damage to the sirenisaur's innards (AC 20).


The skull of this carnosaur is in great demand, both as a trophy in its own right and as a tool for attracting duckbills for human hunters. This means the eggs of this creature are in great demand as well, for those who want the ultimate hunting beast when going after duckbills.

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