Chapter New Creatures

Because Storm Valley is just now being explored and exploited, none of the animals listed below have been captured long enough to be domesticated. We have thus not listed DCs for training these beasts. The standard rule (from the Handle Animal skill description in the PHB) is a DC of 20 + the animal's HD. This can be modified at the GM's discretion according to the creature's temperament.

As noted in the Broncosaurus Rex Core Rulebook, we treat dinosaurs as type animal, not beast as in the core d20 rules. Nevertheless, we have given our dinosaurs the hit dice of beasts (d10), not animals (d8), to conform to previously published d20 stats for dinosaurs. A T-rex on Cretasus shouldn't be any less tough than a T-rex in another d20 game just because one is an animal and the other is a beast!

You may notice one other inconsistency in our stat blocks: we do not always apply Str bonuses evenly across all of an animal's attacks. Str bonuses are applied based on how the creature's muscular system works. Many large herbivores have strong legs and bodies, but their jaws are quite weak. In game terms, the creature's Str bonus should not apply to its bite. Or, for a more dramatic example, consider the T-rex. The muscles in a T-rex's jaw and neck are much more powerful than the muscles in its arms. Some paleontologists conjecture that T-rex's arms could only lift 50 pounds! The legendary crushing power of the T-rex's jaws makes it obvious that there are two Str stats at work here: one for the jaws, and one for the arms. This "relevant muscular group" approach to Str bonuses is why some Broncosaurus Rex dinosaurs do not have Str bonuses applied evenly to all of their attacks.

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