Cetiocrocodylus Thalassos Ocean Tooth

Cetiocrocodylus thalassos

Gargantuan Animal (Aquatic)

Hit Dice:

12d8+54 (138 hp)


+1 (Dex)


10 ft., swim 40 ft.


16 (-4 size, +1 Dex, +9 natural)


Bite +17 melee, tail slap +12 melee


Bite 4d6+12, tail slap 1d8+6


30 ft. by 50 ft./20 ft.

Special Attacks:

Improved grab, swallow whole

Special Qualities:

Land vulnerability


Fort +15, Ref +9, Will +6


Str 35, Dex 13, Con 24,

Int 5, Wis 15, Cha 7


Listen +12, Spot +14


Warm aquatic



Challenge Rating:





Chaotic evil


13-18 HD (Gargantuan),

19-36 HD (Colossal)

Cetiocrocodylus thalassos, the "marine whale crocodile," is the largest of the prehistoric sea-going crocodiles, or thalatto-

suchians. Although as powerful as a sperm whale, it is longer and more slender, reaching extreme lengths of up to 100 feet. This blackish-brown monster preys on the largest fishes and marine reptiles of the Tempest Sea, while only the largest of the latter have a chance of preying on it in turn. A true marine animal, its ancestral crocodile legs have long since been transformed into flippers.


C. thalassos has no true society, being a solitary hunter. During the mating season, the males engage in ritual combat for the right to impregnate a female, but the moment they have done so, they abandon her and return to the sea. The female herself will find a stretch of sandy beach, laboriously crawl ashore, and lay her eggs in a nest scraped out of the sand with her flippers. When sand has been brushed back over the eggs, concealing them completely, the female's job is done, and she can return to the sea.

Desert islands are essential to this lifestyle, and not just for the sake of the eggs. All but invincible in the water, these marine crocodiles are incredibly slow and clumsy on land, and when they come ashore on the mainland or a large island such as Carsonia, they are often set upon and killed by giant carnosaurs or their Carsonian equivalents.


C. thalassos fights like all of its kind, with a powerful bite and a lashing tail, while its thick scales provide good armor all around.

Improved Grab (Ex): If this marine crocodile hits a Medium-size or smaller creature with its bite attack, it may grab them, and then attempt to swallow them whole.

Swallow Whole (Ex): This monster can swallow a Medium-size or smaller creature with a successful grapple check. Swallowed creatures take 2d8+8 points of crushing damage plus 8 points of acid damage per round. A swallowed creature may cut itself out by using Small or Tiny slashing weapons to deal 25 points of damage to the sea crocodile's innards (AC 20).

Land Vulnerability (Ex): It is not unheard of to encounter C. thalassos on land, especially during mating season. While on land, its effective Dex is reduced to 4, bringing its AC down to 12 and its initiative modifier to -3.


Because crocodile teeth are designed for grasping and holding a victim, rather than slashing or tearing it, they are not suitable for use as daggers. However, if you want tent pegs with prestige, these are the way to go, and a full set of teeth from C. thalassos still sells for $500.

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