Aublysodon Orogradior Mountain Walker Rock Monster Stone Dropper

Hit Dice: Initiative: Speed: AC:




Special Attacks:

Special Qualities:






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Aublysodon orogradior Huge Animal

Bite +13 melee, claws +3 melee

Bite 2d8+6, claws 1d4

Start avalanche

Fall safely, scent

Spot +11

Hills, mountains


Lawful neutral

15-28 HD (Gargantuan)

Aublysodon orogradior is a "mountain walking" descendant of the original tyrannosaur relative Aublysodon: a relatively small animal (roughly 20 feet long) with a sharply-pointed snout that gives its head a triangular profile. Its rock-climbing skills are far greater than those of its ancestor. The species has as its natural habitat the entire chain of mountains that rings Storm Valley round, giving it the nickname of "the guardian of the valley."

Virtually no one can enter Storm Valley by land without having at least a single encounter with one or more of these predators. Given the high rate of airplane crashes, there's a good chance that even fliers will encounter them in the end. They roam the rocky slopes of the mountains, preying on lizards, snakes, pterosaurs and their eggs, raptors and other small predators, and several species of hypsilophodonts which roam the same area like bighorn sheep and mountain goats.


Although the scarcity of prey on the mountainsides often forces these aublysodonts to hunt alone, they have absolutely no trouble with working together when necessary to bring down larg-

er game or a herd of small creatures. Family bonds are strong, with the young from one generation often hanging around to help raise their siblings from the next, and many packs are actually an extended family of three or more generations.

Cooperation between packs is common, with relatively bloodless ritual combat between pack leaders as a means to determine which pack must move on when there is a shortage of prey. When large game such as sauropods moves beside a mountain or through the passes, several packs may combine to bring it down, and the same goes for herds or other large bodies of smaller creatures, including humans. Aublysodon orogradior, more than any other dinosaur species, is responsible for choking off the flood of Union reinforcements through the mountain passes bound for Fort Phil Kearny.


Aublysodon orogradior fights with its powerful jaws and clawed forearms. How it gets at the enemy to launch this attack varies. It can climb the mountain slopes easily enough to chase down or corner small and agile prey, or wait in ambush among the rocks. When large or smaller-sized prey moves singly down a mountain pass, a lone predator will stand to one side of the trail at some point where it widens out, and two or more may wait thus along both sides in the advent of tougher prey. Although its jumping ability is average, its feet are heavily cushioned with muscle to ease the impact of a fall, and these carnosaurs often gather on the rocks above prey and then drop down among them, making an effective defense virtually impossible.

Fall Safely (Ex): Aublysodon orogradior takes no damage from the first 30 ft. of any fall. It treats the next 30 ft. as subdual damage. Only after falling more than 60 ft. does it begin to take normal damage.

Start Avalanche (Ex): A favorite tactic of these creatures is to use their semi-grasping forepaws to shovel loose mountainside rubble in order to start an avalanche. A single A. orogradior can start an avalanche with 2d6 rounds of clawing. For each additional rock monster involved, reduce the time required by 1 round.

Creatures below may notice pebbles and loose stones falling before the avalanche begins (Spot check, DC 14). The avalanche has a range of 500 ft. downhill. The bury zone is a cone 200 ft. wide at its bottom; the slide zone is the rest of the area.

The avalanche causes the same damage as indicated in the DMG: 8d6 points of damage in the bury zone or half that with a successful Reflex saving throw (DC 15), and survivors are pinned; 3d6 in the slide zone, or no damage with a successful Reflex saving throw (DC 15), with survivors pinned only if they don't save. Pinned characters take 1d6 points of subdual damage per minute while pinned. If a pinned character falls unconscious, he must make a Constitution check (DC 15) or take 1d6 points of normal damage each minute thereafter until freed or dead.

The aublysodonts have to dig a while to recover their prey when using this tactic, but what the heck; the prey isn't going anywhere. Retaliation is difficult, as these carnosaurs have proven themselves to be quite adept at taking cover when attacked with ranged weapons.

Skills: *Aublysodon orogradior receives a +10 racial bonus to Climb checks.



When the springy muscles of the hind feet are preserved, they can be used to fill a pillow and provide a most comfortable head rest. One foot's worth fills a small pillow, two a large one; each foot goes for $80 on the open market.

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