"Whether you are a dinosaur buff or not, you cannot help enjoying this personal account of one of the most amazing and important fossil discoveries of all time A remarkable view, never seen before, into the life and biology of dinosaurs."

—John H. Ostrom, Professor of Geology, Yale University

"In a field beset by hyperbole, it is fair to say that Horner's discoveries are unparalleled The book captures the romance, realism and scientific implications of Horner's field work and astonishing discoveries. The friendly, unassuming tone is tailored for a general audience."—Nature

"I know of no better account of how paleontological field work is conducted. ...Horner walks the reader up all these important avenues with delightful ease."—Boston Globe

"An engaging retelling of the history-making discoveries It is a fascinating tale told with modesty and clarity."—Booklist

"A very readable, fascinating book."—Cleveland Plain-Dealer

"Dinosaur buffs will revel in these discoveries."—Publishers Weekly

One of the world's foremost field paleontologists, JOHN R. HORNER is the curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. In 1986 he was awarded a fellowship from the MacArthur Foundation. He also holds an honorary doctorate of science from the University of Montana and is the author of numerous papers and articles on paleontology and geology.

JAMES GORMAN, a noted science writer, has written for many national magazines. His book The Man with No Endorphins: And Other Reflections on Science is a collection of his columns.

Cover photograph © by Terry Husebye

Cover photograph © by Terry Husebye

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